Thanks to our loyal and happy clients, whom we call friends, we don't have to toot our own horn. Instead, please take a moment to read these testimonials and see for yourself. We take a planned yet friendly approach to our build process because we are working with real families and individuals who count.

After seeing the Women's Symphony League Showcase home in the spring of 1997, Sherri and I instantly knew we had found the right custom homebuilder for our dream home... We appreciated how you allowed us input into each decision from the beginning to the end. When decisions appeared to be hard ones to make, your reassurance of the outcome made it much easier to decide... Your vision of the finished product on the new location turned out as good as one can imagine... Sherri and I were convinced from the start we had a winner in Sereno Homes and we were proven right. Thanks for all of the support and confidence you have shown us.

Barbara and I would like to celebrate our four month anniversary in our new home by thanking you and all of the others at Sereno Homes for an absolutely marvelous home...We feel fortunate to have come across a spec home with so much character and attention to detail true to its design...Thank you for being so attentive to our needs as we have settled in. While there have been a few, you were most thoughtful to call and see if things were going well. It seems the high-end systems and appliances in the house are running the show on their own, and we're glad to be along for the ride.

The purpose of this letter is to relate my experiences in the building of my home with Sereno Homes...This is the second custom home I have had built. I would say, without equivocation, my experience in working with Sereno Homes was excellent. Throughout the entire construction period, they kept me well informed of the progress. There was little or no deviation of the projected progress. The quality of the construction that was performed was superior. The home was completed on time... I would recommend Sereno Homes to anyone who is considering building a custom home. I believe that they would find their experience very similar to mine.

It gives us great pleasure to write a positive letter to a builder, rather than one that is critical. We have built several houses and we know the differences between a builder who cares a great deal about quality, as you do, and one who just tries to slide by. Everyone says we have a spectacular home, and it is, but many fail to appreciate the attention to detail that this house reflects. As you know, we were there nearly every day and we saw what went into it.

My husband and I want to express to you and your entire staff what a pleasure it was having you build our home. We were always impressed at how aware you were of schedules and deadlines, but more important, being aware of what the homeowner wanted to achieve. The regular visits to the jobsite and your "eye" for style and design was a constant reassurance to us... But long before the beauty of our home became apparent, we were especially impressed at the quality of workmanship that went into every phase. From foundation, framing, wiring, etc., you never skimped. We were receiving compliments on our house long before the sheetrock went up. And when it did, it covered up the real beauty of the house. Many times people do not realize that a well built home means just that, well built... Again, we want to thank you and your staff for building the most comfortable and most beautiful home we have ever owned.

We love our house. We have been here for six months and we still fell like we are on vacation. We want to thank each and every one of you for making our house a home. We appreciate all the extra time and energy that all of you put into "Project Bastrop". It is truly a dream home and we are living the dream.

I have taken this opportunity to write to you in recognition of the outstanding work you did in completing my house at Costa Bella. I've watched other supposedly high quality builders in our neighborhood struggle to complete their homes and I've come to appreciate more and more the excellent work you did on my house... The final product is something I've always been proud to show off to my friends whenever I get the opportunity. I honestly don't think I've had one visitor to the house who hasn't made some overly positive comment about the quality of the house... I guess the final testament is whether I would or would not work with you again on building another house. Since we'll soon be underway with the design and construction of a new house together, I guess we already know the answer to that question.

There are so many contractors who are quite capable of building custom homes, but finding one who is truly committed to maintaining a high level of quality is another matter. Sereno Homes sincerely cared about how our project turned out and would not compromise their standards just to "get the job done. We knew that the things we couldn't see were receiving just as much attention as the more glamorous finish work... The building process itself is not a static one, therefore the builder's ability to adjust to change and ensure that the level of quality is not compromised is extremely important. They made sure things were done properly both during and afterwards. We knew if a problem developed after we moved in it would be taken care of in a timely and considerate manner.